Pivotal Stages is a theatrical program designed to build kid's self-esteem and confidence in the performing arts! Pivotal Productions will come to your school and produce a full-scale musical production in just five days starring your students. Roles are provided for all who want to participate – whether there are 30 kids or 200 – no child is ever turned away. The actors rehearse after school Monday through Friday for three hours each day, and present their fully-staged musical production Friday evening to the entire community.


The workshop is designed to build a child's self-esteem and confidence. Our motto is, “When you try your best – you can do anything”. As the week progresses, the children realize when they do try their best, they can really accomplish anything. For many children, the workshop is their first chance to shine and succeed in front of their family, friends and peers.


Every show we do is based on a classic tale or story. Each show has been designed specifically to include many characters so there's a role for every child who wants to participate. ALL of our shows teach a valuable lesson or moral, while also being lots of FUN to perform. Whether its about anti-bullying, accepting each other's differences, trying your best in life, or how to be a good friend – everyone takes home a positive message. All of the lessons we hit upon are perfect for any school or organization!


We produce thirty minute to one-hour musicals which includes:

  • An experienced director for the week’s rehearsals and Friday evening performance

  • A musical production and accompanying music

  • A written summary of the production and cast of characters if needed for the Playbill.

  • Costume sheets for all secondary characters and ensemble. These costumes are comprised of everyday clothing/items that are typically found in most households so parents and guardians aren’t required to purchase anything more

  • Colorful scenery and all props needed for the production.

Please note that we can tailor our programs to fit your needs. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns by emailing us at pivotalinfo@pivotal-productions.org